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30 Days In September


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“30 Days In September” is a critically examining play directed by Anup Baral and written by profilic playwright Mahesh Dattani (An Indian English Sahitya Award winning playwright). It is a play about love and betrayal about the child sexual abuse. The character Mala who lives with the haunting memories of her abused past. The perpetrator, Vinay subconsciously lives with her all the time as part of her dirty reflections and damages her natural growth. The play features Deeya Maskey as Mala, Aruna Karki as Shanta, Suraj Malla as Deepak, Roy Shrestha as Binaya Mama and more. “30 Days In September” is happening till 24th of February,2015 from 5th of February,2015, Thursday (today) at 5:00pm in the Theatre Village, Tej Bhawan, Uttardhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu.

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