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Ajhai Pani premiere show


A film directed by late Alok Nembang was premiered among the celebrities and press representative. “Ajhai Pani” is the last movie Ajhai pani Ajhai pani2 Ajhai pani3 Ajhai pani4 Ajhai pani5 Ajhai pani6 Ajhai pani7 Ajhai pani8 Ajhai pani9 Ajhai pani10 Ajhai pani11 Ajhai pani12 Ajhai pani13directed by late Nembang. Most of the film worker was present at the show. Mithila Sharma, Bijay Lama, Surakshya Pant, Vishal Dhungana, Pushpa Khadka, Sudarshan Thapa, Puja Sharma etc. are featured in the film.

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