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Binod Krishna Shrestha was thinking about keeping retirement hobby while he was working at United Nation in Bangladesh. He was thinking about collecting postage stamps as a hobby after retirement. Later he thought about collecting stamps of Goutam Buddha and Mountains which represents and renown Nepal in the world. Then after his retirement he came back to Nepal and he met stamp collector Madhusudan Rajbhandari. There were only five persons who use to collect Buddha’s stamp in Nepal at that time. At first he collected stamps produced in Nepal later he started look for Buddha’s stamp internationally. According to Shrestha each stamps carries a story and nation’s context. He said that collecting stamp only is not enough collector must know the story of the stamp. He have collected forty two hundred Buddha’s stamp from 150 countries. Postage stamps are only produced by government and there might be error while printing. Those stamps with error the rarest stamps because they are hard to find and they become important for collector according to Binod. Few days back Binod exhibited his twelve hundred stamps from his collection. Streetnepal’s Nabin Babu Gurung visited the exhibition and exhibitor Binod Shrestha. Below we have video of the exhibition and exhibitor have a look.

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