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Indra Jatra is the biggest festival for the Newa people of Kathmandu. Indra Jatra, commonly known as Yenya is an eight-day long festival.

The festival is observed, streets and temples in the heart of old Kathmandu are lined with samaya bajis, which are later devoured by the locals. The chariot of Kumari, the living Goddess, is taken out in a procession through the main streets of Kathmandu. Masked dancers known as Lakhay take to the streets accompanied by drumbeats. The festival commemorates the time when Indra came down from heaven in human form to look for herb.


Yenya is a multi-faceted celebration, having cultural, religious, and social significance in Newa culture, which sees the involvement of every Newa caste group.But because of COVID-19 continuing to grip the world, Yenya, along with other festivals, meetings, conferences and any other events has been called off, to stay away from the infectious virus.





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