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Another theater house have been established in Kathmandu. Those artists who love and seek future in acting have established theater houses many times. But few theater houses were closed due to varies of reasons, still number of theater house is increasing. ‘Kausi Theater/terrace theater’ is another example of artists love towards theater. Which is established by Katha Ghera team. It came to operation from Thursday 21st June. ‘Kausi Theater’ is inaugurated in presence of senior artists. An American drama ‘Giving Tree-Dayalu Rukh’ was staged at the first day of ‘Kausi Theater’. This drama is written by very famous American writer Shel Shilverstein. For Nepali Aakanchha Karki have translated and directed the drama. Drama has well describe the story of a tree which is never tired by giving and a man never tired of taking. Artist Ingi Hokpo Koinch Sunuwar, Sumnima Sampang, Roshni Shyangbo, Archana Panthi, Prayas Bantawa Rai, Salman Gurung, Aalik Thami, Aayan Khadka have acted on the drama. Raj Neupane have compound the light for ‘giving tree/dayalu rukh’.

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