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Designers : Nisha Adhikari, Rubina Neupane, Samrat Rai & Sanju shrestha Title : Lophophorus Impejanus Inspiration : himalayan Monal (Danphe) Inspired by the Himalayan Monal Commonly known as Danfe bird. The silhouette is inspired…

Fashion came alive with the Angels

18th May 2018 saw an exclusive fashion show named as Angels on the floor. Showcased at Hotel De la Annapurna, the season four of the event saw various collections of fashion and styles from different designers. The show saw the casual form…


Actress Benisha Hamal looked ravishing in pink Lehenga Choli at NFDC award. Benisha received best actress award from the film Blind Rocks. Benisha's few poses for the streetnepal viewer.


Born and brought up in Gorkha district of Nepal Laxmi Gurung is not a new face in Gurung film viewers. Laxmi debuted into entertainment world through music video. Laxmi got chance to work in the Gurung film Ngolo Ngolsyo after the director…