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After two confirm cases of COVID-19 Nepal government urged the lock down nation wide on 11th of Chaitra/ 24th May 2020. Total 9 people have lost their lives in Nepal only till today, there are 23oo confirmed cases of COVID-19 from 61 district and 266 people have recovered. Due to non stop increasing number of COVID-19 outbreak government have decided to extend lock down till 32nd of Jestha 2077. Here are 10 photos of lock down taken around Kathmandu during lock down.

quite road of Kings way
street light of Kings way and Ghantaghar in the background
very few vehicular movement at Kings way
Traffic Police consulting public
man walking in the middle of the empty road during lock down
women walking on footpath wearing mask
traffic police on duty during lock down
Traffic police checking on motorcycle rider
vehicular movement on lock down at Kings way
bird flying in the clear sky of kathmandu

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