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These days lyricist Naresh Dev Panta is busy on producing feature film called ‘Sadhe Saat’. ‘Sadhe Saat’ stars Satya Raj Acharya, Menuka Pradhan, Sunil Thapa, Khameshwor Chaurasiya, Supriya Katwal, Shishir Bangdel and other artists. Just yesterday, the song titled ‘Bhagera Janchhas Kaha’ from movie ‘Sadhe Saat’ was released. A lyric of the song is written by Naresh himself.

Naresh Dev Panta, is one of the most renowned lyricist of the Nepali music industry. Born and brought up in the capital of Nepal Naresh started writing from his younger days. Before he started writing songs he used to write poems for children and written dialogues for the Radio plays. Though he is into music Naresh holds a master degree in Business Administration. He has written lyrics for more than hundred songs. Naresh made debut into Nepali music industry with his very first song Bajauda Bajaudai in 1996, sung by very famous singer Nabin K. Bhattarai. Many of his songs have been awarded by various radio and TV stations. Some of his famous songs are like ‘Goreto Ani”, ‘Bistarai Chhayo’, ‘Dobato”, ‘Na Aau Mero Najik”, etc. so far Panta has released three music albums comprising only his lyrics, they are ‘Sagarmatha’, ‘Yethartha’, ‘100%pure hits’.

Everyone, who involves into Nepali music industry knows that one can’t sustain decent lifestyle only by doing music. So like other lyricists he also worked in various sectors. He is now one of the directors at Green Productions Pvt. Ltd. Naresh direct and produce documentaries and short movies. ‘Job Applicant’ is one of his finest movies he has made. ‘Job Applicant’ was recently screened at ‘Cannes Film Festival’.


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