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Mr. Anil Shah Please answer this question ?



I went to this event few hours back. I purchased ticket at gate and i was happy to see loads of students and youths.
But the event was supposed start at from 1:30 pm … i was still in queue at entrance door till 2 pm ..
I asked 2-3 volunteers why program is late? He/She replied : “It’s nepali time dai ” ..Umm i was little furious at that time because the program is was organised for inspiring youths .

After a while a volunteer guy announced that seat is full packed, if you want to see program be seated on stairs which is very comfortable(lol) .. or get refund.. Then that’s makes me really bored about program initiators and organisers/organization because around 300 people were still in queue outside..
At the corner Mr. Anil Keshari Shah was giving interview to some tv journalist. when he finished interview ; i asked him how can you make Nepal with this kind ofanil-shah2 events because you are already late to start program , oversold tickets .. he just replied .. we are trying and ran away to entrance gate..
Me and my friend Nirajan then decided to take refund .. for that we have to walk round n round for 20 mins which is very useless.From this Nepal making program we loss 2 hrs for nothing..
So this is my question for event organisers /facilitators/speakers/volunteers specially Anil Keshary Shah Nepali:

1) How can your volunteers say “Nepali Time Ho Dai Program start huna time lagcha ni “
2) Why organisers sold too many tickets ?(for business or what reason; if you don’t have seats for tickets ,i think it’s illegal..)

3)How can this program change Nepal ? (I am not inspired by event management because they are doing things like 601 )

I support this kind of event but it should have some positive influence from the start ..because start point is crucial for everything .. even to change #‎Nepal‬..
‪#‎overbooked‬ ‪#‎timekiller‬ ‪#‎missmanagement‬

Lokendra Badu


It is time to Think Nationally and Act Individually, it is time to begin ignition on our own life and replicate the positive ignition around us, it is time to be the agent for change and learn the strategies that uplifts our own horizon.

On February 4th, 2015, Wednesday, Ma Nepali, Hamro Nepal, a new initiative, established to influence positive difference in Nepal, is bringing ten Nepali personalities, icons, thinkers, doers of different walks of life to share their learnings, strategies, understanding, to enrich our enthusiasm and inspire us to live the dreams that we have dreamed for ourselves and our Nation.

Join the first event by this new National initiative of Ma Nepali Hamro Nepal

Facilitator- Anil Keshary Shah Nepali

Speakers- Abdus Miya, Dr.Bhimarjun Acharya,Ksitiz Raj Lohani, Rajesh Hamal, Sagar Prasai, Saunak Bhatta, Shailee Basnet, Shristi KC, Ujjwala Maharjan and Yukta Bajracharya.

Wednesday, February 4at 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Academy Hall
For Tickets Contact 9843324333
Tickets are available at Hot Chilly Restuarant, Kathmandu Mall and Edushala, Pulchowk (Opp. to Nabil Bank)


  1. Suvachintak says

    True, Guffadi haru ko sammelan matra ho yo…aru kehi hoina…yo maanche le garib sanga dherai interest, ra dhani sanga kam byaj lincha.

    1. champmonky says

      actually they know how to make money 😉

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