On the occasion of its 36th anniversary Sarvanam Theater has organized International Solo Theater Festival. Festival will take place in around 13 countries including Nepal, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Netherland, France, Bangladesh, China, India, etc. Plays will be staging in the countries as planned ‘The Coat’ London, ‘Jump Sanghai’ China, ‘Eladdi’ India, ‘Blood Hands’ Bangladesh, ‘The Chairs Were Moved to Give Me Passage’ Scotland, ‘Performance With Mask’ Paris-Nepal, ‘Reboti, Eiboti, Seboti’ India, ‘Desire’ Hong Kong, ‘Kathasar’ Nepal, ‘City Flesh’ Hong Kong, ‘Seppuku’ Netherland, ‘Place Me Softly On Horizon’ Hong Kong, ‘Fifty Years Reminding Unchanged’ Hong Kong.

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