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Selo foundation organizes first Tamang Selo Theater Festival in collaboration with Kathmandu metropolitan city and Nepal Tourism Board. Festival will be run for three days from 2nd to 4th Asar (16-18 June) at Shilpi Theater, Battishputali in Kathmandu. At the first day of Selo Festival ‘Sonam Gyalmo’ play was staged by Selo Theater group. The play is written by Ful Man Bal and directed by Sonam Lama Moktan. Actor Sonam Lama Moktan, Shanti Waiba, Ful Ful Kumar Bamjan, Susan Lama, Chandani Lama, Nikita Waiba, Nisha Pakhrin, Matrika, Manoj Tamang, Santosh Tamang
(Bonbo), Sajan Lama Bijay Tuba and other artists have acted on the play.

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