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A special dance form called SORATHI/MARUNI is performed at various festivals and traditional occasions in Gurung community. SORATHI is also known as folk drama and it has its own unique kind of tune and beat.

Sorathi is performed by singing the stories of historical and mythical god/ goddesses. Sorathi and Maruni dance looks similar. Six men perform SORATHI/MARUNI as Maruni, Fursunge and Madale. Fursunge has different and unique attire who leads two MARUNIs.

Two men adorning in women attire are called Maruni. Sorathi/Maruni dance is performed at weaning ceremony, wedding, first hair cut ceremony (Bratabandha), death ritual (Arghu) and many other occasions. Sorathi\Maruni team reaches to the place they were invited by the host family to perform dance.

They leave from there only after receiving offerings from family as per their financial capacity.











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