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Bitcoin Mama is a comedy short film with the subject about “,cryptocurrency”(Bitcoin), directed by Aidiye Aidarbekov from Kazakistan and starred by “Suraj Shrestha” from Nepal and “Isabella Ruth” from Sweden. This movie is going to be screened in Warner Bros Studio’s film hall on 21st September.Here are some question answers with Suraj Shrestha.

  1. Who is Suraj Shrestha?

I am an artist from Nepal. I used to practice acting in Theatre and films there.Then, I came to enhance my acting skills as well as film making in USA.

  1. Where did you study acting?

In Nepal, Although I did some street theatre before, my formal study of acting was in Mandala Theatre in 2014-2015. After that, I came to New York Film Academy, Los Angeles to study One Year Acting Course in 2017.I also did short term film making course from Kathmandu School of Cinema.

  1. Tell me something about your Shortfilm “Bitcoin Mama”?

It’s a comedy short film and the subject of the film is Cryptocurreny “Bitcoin”. The story is about a South Asian IT guy who was struggling to have his own startup gets an Investor with the help of a girl with whom he’s sharing an apartment recently. While sharing apartment there occurs different situational comedy.

  1. What kind of character you played in this film?

The name of my character is “Sundar”. He is ambitious Indian guy who is an IT Engineer. He is serious about his career and really focused in his work. He used to work for multinational company but now wants to have his own startup. He is confident, hardworking. He trusts other people quickly. He loves technology.

  1. How was your experience in shooting?

It was a great shoot. It was fun but at the same time, it was challenging for me as I was working with new team. My director trusts me for this character and I really wanted to give him what he’s looking for. Everybody was very professional. Every crew members knew there task and performed really well. So, it was quite smooth shoot.

  1. How did you prepare for your Character?

There was some similarities between me and my character as he’s an IT Engineer and I also did IT Engineering in my bachelor’s. I studied about crypto currency and knew how the transaction occurs online. Besides that, I also study the life of some successful IT professionals. Actually, my character’s name was derived from the name of CEO of Google “Sundar Prasai”. I also work on mindset of ambitious person.

  1. How excited are you about the screening?

I am really excited. I haven’t watch the film after post production. So, I am going to watch it on big screen in the same day. Also, there will be different actor, directors and filmmakers coming to attend the screening. So, I am looking forward for their response.

  1. Do you have an Agent?

Yes, I do. I am with AB2 Talent Agency.

  1. What is the benefit of having agents?

There are many benefits because they send us to audition for different projects which will be suitable for us. And agent also negotiated good salary for actors. Thus, they are very important for actor’s career.

  1. What kind of work have you done there?

I did different short films like “Survival Shot”, “Thief”, “Aging”, “I killed Adolf Hitler”, “Robbery”, “Bitcoin Mama” & “Taste of Love”. I also did Thetre plays like “Rabbit Hole”, “Closure”, “Death of Salesman” and “Sleeping with Violence”. Comercials like “Native Herb” and Music Video “Hot Boys”.

  1. What are your future plans?

Except acting, I am working on a script which I am planning shoot very soon.


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