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GHATU NACH is a special dance form, performed by  Gurung community of Nepal only. I have watched GHATU NACH in Kathmandu so many times but this time I reach Ranchok village of Gorkha Barpak Sulikot Rural Municipality to observe SATI GHATU. SATI GHATU starts methodically day before Baisakh Purnima and end at midst of Jeth. SATI GHATU is classical dance form, performed on special timing of MADAL and song. SATI GHATU can’t be performed on other occasion like other GHATU. It is believed that in this dance form deity enters into GHATU SARI’s (dancers) body through song and they become unconscious. GHATU SARI come to sense through song as well. If the singers GURUBA/GURUAAMA missed the timing while singing GHATU SARI will remain unconscious. So this time have tried to capture SATI GHATU and GHATU SARI in my frame as much as I could.


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