A lady and an old woman at Bouddha


Boudha is located about 11 km from the centre and northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu where thousands of people visit every day. Many people visit Boudha solely for religious and spiritual purposes, while others carry out dates or friends gathering. Crowds of people of varying ages and interests can easily be spotted in Boudha.
As I was taking photos, my camera captured a lady taking care of an old woman which was a heartwarming moment for me. The old woman perhaps could have been the lady’s grandmother. She was helping and supporting her grandmother to take a round-about the Stupa while playing praying beads. She was not only helping her grandmother to walk but also fulfilling her grandmother’s religious belief. As I witnessed the lady’s exemplary behaviour, I went through stream of emotions. I was moved and felt that the lady could set out the role model for large people to love and to respect our elders and heritage.
It truly was an exemplary behavior in the midst of lovebirds in one of the sacred places in Kathmandu._MG_8367 copy


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