Name of the play : A song for ourselves 

Produced and Performed by : Ace A Level Program

Written, Designed and Directed by: Tatsama Arts

Synopsis: Thirteen aspiring musical talents have been enrolled in for the highly prestigious choir competition. Out of the lot , only ten go through to the next round. Under pressures of expectations, competitive forces and an unrelenting music tutor, these thirteen souls embark on their musical journey, not knowing what the future has in store for them. The journey, however, halts at a point of realisation, where students stand at crossroads, not knowing where to go.

On stage actors :
Aditi Rana, Anuska Sharma, Suprabha Lamichhane, Manshun Neupane, Niharika Rana, Priya Paudyal, Kundoon Shakya, Soumya Shrestha, Leyla Rai, Sujasna Shrestha, Erica Tamrakar, Himani Rijal, Gaurab Poudel