Angel Shrestha won the crown of AECC Global Miss Newa:1136 after outpacing 21 other contestants at the glittering finale held at Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Kathmandu on Tuesday. Rejisha Dangol was named first runner-up while Minu Prajapati was announced second runner-up at this year’s 11th edition of Miss Newa. The pageant organized by Nepalese Fashion Home had a performance by Nisha Deshar. Laxman Maharjan, Jiweshworlal Shrestha, Sushma Shrestha Mahara, Ujjwal Krishna Shrestha, Nirmal Shrestha and Former Miss Newa Alisha Bajracharya formed the jury for the pageant.The participants were feliciated with various subtitles like Miss Charming, Miss Smile, Miss Friendship, Best Skin and many more. The three winners were given cash prize of five thousand to each.
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