Aashesh mallaBunch of Theater Artist were gathered at Sinamangal, Kathmandu. After a while famous celebrity couple director/artist Anup Baral and Diya Maskey joined them. All of them were gathered there at the opening ceremony of a new coffee house “Turning Point”. New coffee destination for coffee lovers “Turning Point” is owned by theater artist Abhinit Malla. Guest can read books from various author while enjoying coffee at Turning Point. A coffee house with library “Turning Point” is inaugurated by director/artist Anup Baral.

Diya maske
anup baral & diya maske4

anup baral & diya maske3
anup baral & diya maske1

anup baral & diya maske
anup baral & diya maske2
anup baral & diya maske5

diya maske0

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