Avinash Ghising is back from “Country side”



“Lhasako Chisole” singer Avinash Ghising is back after a break of 4 years with a brand new album called “Country Side”. Lhasako Chiso was one of his superhit song and kalkatte kaiyo, Champa, Sunko bala are also some of his hits. Originally from Sindhupalchok Ghising has travelled almost 25 countries during his singing career. His new album “Country side” will consists 7 different songs and also includes remake of his previous hits ( Champa, Chuichui Chuikane jutta and Gadi Ta Germanko Bato Chinako). Ghising has announced that we will get to listen to his new 7th album in Jesth. Avinash is planning to make 3 music videos from his upcoming album.

Avinash3 Avinash2 Avinash1