Heritage Pageants 2019 having the competitions called Miss Heritage International and Mrs. Heritage International 2019 has been successfully completed on 16th of February 2019. In the competition, the Nepalese delegates were spotted victorious in various categories. Aditi Shrestha from Nepal completed as forth runner-up in Miss Heritage International 2019. She was also successful to earn Miss Photogenic award. On the other hand Durga Bishural from Nepal scored second runner-up in Mrs. Heritage International 2019. Durga was also successful to earn Mrs. Best Peace dress award. Likewise she was awarded as second runner-up in Peace ambassador category and first runner-up in Mrs. Ethnic category.

The finale of Heritage Pageants was hosted at Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival at Beauty world, Singapore. The event saw Gulbano Madiyarova from Central Asia as the winner of Miss Heritage International 2019 while Vidhya Ghare from India was crowned as Mrs. Heritage International 2019.  Likewise Nann Khan Wai from Myanmar was honored as Miss plus Size Heritage 2019.

The event hosted at Singapore from 12th of February to 17th of February 2019 was been organized by Eplanet Pvt. Ltd., under the leadership of Mister Santosh Sapkota , the chairperson for the company. The event was been supported by Singapore Kindness Movement, Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival and Kalaimani Cares of Malaysia. For the event Mr. Rojin Shakya from Nepal was been the choreographer of the event and was been hosted by Rojin and Simran Deenz Ahuza from India. The event was coordinated by Susan Sanfurni Koh from Singapore.
Earlier the inaugural edition of Miss Heritage International 2014 was been hosted at Kathmandu, Nepal. The second edition of the pageant took place at New Delhi, India while the 3rd edition of Heritage pageants was been concluded on 9th December 2016 at Sri Lanka. Heritage Pageants is being hosted with the aim of promoting tangible and intangible heritage while conserving the world heritage sites as been listed by UNESCO. The winners and the participants of the event are supposed to work hand and in hand with the host country in the promotion and preservation activities related to world heritage, art, culture, tourism, environment and peace in the host country and in their respective countries.