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Journalist Devaki Bista was born and raised in Kanchanpur district which lies in far western region of Nepal. Devaki studied management but her occupation is journalism. She salutes her parents for letting her to work freely as a journalist. Though she was born and raised in a society where people have very narrow minded thought but her parents let her fly and let her do whatever she likes.

Devaki bista

Devaki loved to work in social works from her child wood. Devaki is working as a journalist for 10 years. Devaki was taught not to speak, roam around with boys, a daughter must return back to home straightly after school, shouldn’t speak unnecessarily etc.

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But Devaki entered to journalist in 2061 BS from World Space Sate lite Radio. Where she has to work with boys and girls both. She wouldn’t be in journalism if Rajendra Rawal didn’t call her for 10 days training organized by communication corner and Kanchanpur District Development committee. She used to go to collage in morning and do teaching boarding school at afternoon then she reached to district development committee for news reporting in the evening. She worked for 4 years in sate lite radio. Devaki and her friend collected money and they took license for FM Radio called Shuklafata. It was the first community FM registered in far western region.

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Her parents wants her to do easy job so she did teaching in boarding school. Working in a radio was her desire. Devaki was honored for making more news reports while teaching in school. Which encouraged her to be more dedicate on her work. She worked at Shuklafata FM as a Presenter to Trainer. People used to get surprised when she used to walk alone in remote villages of far western and mid western region. She was even arrested by Nepalese Army while she was going on a news reporting to Darchula. Army suspected her as a moist. She was released after few inquiry.

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Devaki wanted to work in journalism and defense sector. She even gave written exam for Nepalese police but she left it after giving written test. She went on reporting for news 24 TV. Her brother and father used to fill up forms for government jobs but she refused everything and goes for news reporting.

When her colleagues were having fun, Devaki used to travel to the remote villages with camera and recorder on her hand. Kishor Nepal invite Devaki to come and work in Kathamndu maybe he has acknowledges her talent and devotion for journalism. Devaki came to Kathamandu with her father in invitation of Kishor Nepal. She got an opportunity to travel almost 70 districts of Nepal for reporting. Devaki started to work in News 24 TV as a reporter and program producer then she worked at Sourya Daily as photo journalist and writer. So many ups and downs came in her life but she never stopped she kept moving ahead. Her work was never stable at TV, newspaper or photo. She is currently working in printing journalism but because of her talent she never has to live idle. Devaki was praised by President Ram Baran Yadav for (Sanchaarika Protsaahan Puraskhar) in photo exhibition 2011 and 2012 AD.

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Devaki is never left behind because she is a girl. She believe in hard work and devotion for work. These days she is working on Himal Khabar Patrika and Nepali Times as a photo journalist.

She was threaten to kill so many times due to her writing as a journalist but she has overcome all of those things. These days she started to thought if there is no danger in journalism then there no pleasure. Though its not as easy as male journalist to work in journalism but Devaki has never underestimated herself and her family is also supporting her in every way.

Devaki has never thought of tomorrow. She tries her best to do better today. She has never kept audit of what she lost and what she got from journalist. But once she felt very low while working in Sourya Daily. There was no vacancy for reporter and she was asked to worked as photographer.

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She accepted the offer but she has no camera. Luckily one of her friend Anusha gave her digital camera it worked somehow but whenever she went on a field or programs few colleagues who were holding DSLR Cameras looked down on her those incidents make her sad.