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Najir Husen, one of the finest actors of Nepali art industry who was born and brought up at Jorlai Dumarwan, Bara, is the youngest son to his parents. He started working at Mandala Theater 6 years ago, later he started getting offers to work in Nepali films too. And audiences have loved his acting.

He worked at a drama “Charan Das Chor”for the first time. After “Charan Das Chor”, Najir has acted in around 19 theater dramas including “Baitarani Café” by Dayahang Rai which is his recent drama. Najir’s first Nepali feature film is Punte Pared.
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Though he never thought himself of working in films but after working in Nilu Doma Sherpa’s Punte Pared, Najir is getting one after another offer to work in films. Husen is featured in numerous Nepali feature films like Hostel Returns, Junge, Bir Bikram, Gaatho etc. Among them Bir Bikram and Gaatho are yet to be released.
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Bir Bikram will be on cinemas from 3rd Bhadra and Gaatho is happened to be released around on his birthday (22nd Bhadra). The film “Gaatho” will hit the screens on 24th Bhadra. Najir is featured as a lead role in Gaatho.

Recently he is busy with Suraj Bhusal’s new script. When asked about his future project, he said that he will be working on two music videos, two films and two dramas this year.

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