“Fashion” itself defines everything. Fashion can be anything, it’s something we deal every day. Not only in present context but in every era fashion can’t be ignored. In the world of fashion nothing remains the same , you can see 80s,90s fashion clothes till now fashion never dies, it is vast. It can never be explained in a brief.vintage

It creates a cycle. Belly bottom, high waist, puff sleeves, umbrella, silhouette are the major examples if we observe nowadays. Fashion doesn’t have any boundaries, it doesn’t see age, from small kids to old age people it fascinate them. What we wear separates us from others.70's_Costumes
Your outer appearance is the first thing that other people observe in you. Your dress, hair and shoes your whole look defines you. You have to maintain yourself, watch out in how u speck, what you wear, you have to be very careful if you want to create your space in this competitive world. Nepal has also created a big business in fashion. If we see teenagers today, they create their own style. They follow what they learn, what they see and carryout themselves. You are free to wear anything, try to make interesting. Don’t think too much; wear what u are comfortable in. You’ll look beautiful on your own way .It is necessary to follow the crowd, you can create your own image make your own style and yes, please be clean…….. Ishu
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