A drama based on Martyr Gangalal Shrestha’s life is currently staged at Shilpi theare in Battisputali Kathmandu.

The drama Gangalal is written and directed by Che Shankhar and it is produced by Gangalal Foundation and Garden theater. According to the director Che Shankar the drama is about the political incidents that happened in Martyr Gangalal’s life in between 1991 to 1997. Gangalal staged until Magh 29.

Artists Nirvik, Shaku Shah, Inara Babu, Dipak Chhaldangya, Sandip Dangol, Pradip Kumar Chaudhary, Niraj Dahal, Biswas Manandhar, Rishikesh, Krimu Eden Batri, Elija Tumbapo, Renan Rai, Resham Chand and others have worked on the drama.