Gauma sayed pahiro gayoki on painting(photo/video)


Sudeep Balla is a Bhaktapur based artist. He received his BFA from Kathmandu University center for art and design in 2014.

Deep shrestha & sudeep balla

He has participated in the several art exhibitions.  Balla has contributed his art for the flood victim of Westerm Nepal  which was painted in a theme of senior singer Deep Shrestha singing his famous song ‘Gauma sayed pahiro gayoki’.


Young artist of Nepal are contributing their art work for the exhibition to raise fund to help flood victim which has happened at Siddhartha art gallery.

Deep shrestha

Senior singer Deep Shrestha was also present at the exhibition and he was very happy to see his painting at the exhibition. He sang his song ‘Gauma sayed pahiro gayoki’  in the exhibition.

Deep shrestha3 Deep shrestha1