National Council House of Gurung which is famously known as Tamu Hyula Chhonja Dhin, Gurung Rashtriya Parishad’s fourth General Convention has started. Fourth General Convention will take place for today and tomorrow at CMT resort Hakim Chowk in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Program is inaugurated by starting today at Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Prithvi Man Gurung. In co-ordination of Council’s president Resham Gurung 2 hundred and 39 main organizer committee member is formed to conduct General Convention. 1 hundred 51 management committee members are formed in co-ordination of Tamu Hyula Chhonja Dhin President Ganesh Bahadur Gurung. According to the National Council House of Gurung’s president Resham Gurung 1 thousands representatives of Tamu Hyula Chhonja Dhi from 65 district will participate at the General Convention. Photo :Rabin Tamu

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