Himal Sagar “In the Public Eye”


Himal Gautam (born 24 October, 1982) better known by his stage name Himal Sagar is a Nepali singer and composer. He started his musical career at age 20 and debuted in 2003 with “Relation”. In 2004, he won Dhuk Dhuki award for best song of the year for “Na maile lekhe Na unle lekhen”. His subsequent albums, “4U” (2005) “Tyo Din” (2008) , “Tell me” (2010), “KAHANI” (2013) and “Fulee” (2014), has earned him several achievements in the Nepali music industry. Over the time, Himal Sagar has produced many hit singles, including “Mero maya marepachi”, “Timle maya nagare”, “Mero Mann ma Aago launeko”, “Yeti dherai maya moha”, “Nacha timi Aaja madal ko tall ma”, “Mero Dil todi”, “Ek phera hasideu na meri nisha”, “Teen Dhikke Fulee” etc…His work and contibution to the Nepali Music Industry is significant._MG_7753 copy

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