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Writer of very famous song “Jaalma” is none other than lyricist Manas Raj. He felt very happy when he hears people of all age group sings or humm his creation “Jalma”. He started write poems from his school days. He used to praised by prizes on each and every competitions. After SLC he attracted towards song writing. He started to look for singers to record his songs. Then he met with very famous singer Mohan Bhusal. Mohan Bhusal recored his first creation.

After recording his first song, he get to know other singers too. Later he came in contact with singer Sanup Poudel then they both work for very long time still they are working together. Sanup lent his voice in almost ten lyrics of Manas. Famous singers like Aastha Raut, Hemanta Rana, Bharat Sitaula, Bishwo Nepali etc have already sang on his lyrics and still they are singing.

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He have created songs for Nepalese feature films like Resham Filili, Jange, Janga Bahadurko Kot, Kartik etc. “Pari Tyo Dandama Hera Gham Lagyo Ghamailo, Lagyo Malai Ramailo, Timi Ra Ma Ghumna Jauna (Jaalma)” has made film Resham Filili as most awaited Nepalese film. This song’s success helped me to estabish as a lyricist.

Musician Kali Prasad Baskota has given the music for song Jaalma. Kali Prasad himself and Somiya Baraili have sang the song “Jaalma”. Actually the song Jalma was created for some other film but it didn’t fits on that films script. So they used it for Resham Filili. Manas has wrote lyrics of the song while musicial Kali Prasad Baskota was creating tunes for the song.

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They have created the song withing two hour. To give flash back to the ninties Manas has used worlds like Piratiko chhata, Sindur, Danda, Sun- Chandi, Sampati etc.
Before Jaalma his more than thirty songs were recorded but none of them were as superhit as Jalma. “Jalma” gave him identity as lyricist.

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These days when Manas met with new people everyone ask how he created such a superhit number Jaalma ? Manas is getting opportunity to crate new songs after Jaalma. He says ” I may create better than this song but in any circumstances Jalma will be my identity”. He used to compose music from his starting days and have recorded few music compositions too but he was not that confident. After Jaalma’s success he is quite encoureged to work as musician too. Listener will get to hear songs with his composition in near future.

Likewise he is composing music for few Nepalese films too.He hopes listener and viewers will love his work.

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