Tenth Nepali Mela 2018 held in Kempton Park Race Course London. Lamjung Samaj UK became first in 10th Nepali Mela 2018 like previous two years. Nepali Mela UK 2018 is organized by Tamu Dhi UK in association with embassy of Nepal and other organizations. It is the second largest event organized by Nepali in UK. Winner Lamjung Samaj UK received Ambassador Cup, NRNA UK Cup, medal, certificate and 11 hundred pound cash. Likewise second and third winner received 7 hundred pound and 5 hundred pound with medal/certificate respectively. Two dozens of organizations competed in tableau and almost 20 competed in dance. In tableau participants presented typical Nepali art and culture. Organizer believes that the festival will hand down Nepali language, art and culture.
Winner Lamjung Samaj UK presented typical Nepali dance forms like Sorathi, Ghatu, Balan, Lakhe, Krishna Charitra Nach, Dhan Nach, Chudka, Kauda, Ratauli, Teej and Thote. At the tableau winner community showed Dhiki, Jato, Doko, Namlo, Halo, Juwa, Kuto, Kodalo, Syakhu, Charkha, Radhi, Gundri, Theki, Madani and other household stuffs.
Ambassadors of Yamane, Iraq, UAE, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, diplomats of Bahamas, Bangladesh, Jordan, Romania, Maldives, Kenya, Egypt, Swaziland, Iceland, El Salvador, Tajikistan, Bulgaria and representative from foreign ministry of UK were present to observe Nepali Mela.
Photo/video by Milan Tamu’s FB

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