Lato Pahad
Play “Lato Pahad” is on stage of Shilpi Theater, Battisputali Kathmandu. The play is based on a true story of Eastern Nepal’s Limbu villager. The play is extract of two story “Manmaya & Prabhu Maila”. Though they said there is no partiality between male and female, actually there is partiality. Writer Upendra Subba is quite happy that this play will bring Limbuwan Society in debate. “LATO PAHAD” is directed by Kiram Chamling Rai. Endorsed by Ghimire Yubraj. Dolma tamang, Ankita Rai, Nirvik Rai, Nirmala Limbu, Jivan BAral, Sonam tamang, Bijay Lama, Anil Subba, Subas Daangi, BAmdev K.C., Dibas Limbu, Pabitra Khadka, Sanjay Mudiyari, Anil Subba and Kavya Baral are featured on the play.
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