Nepali hard rock band MAJIPA released its debut MA SAPANAMA BAACHNA CHAHANCHHU in an event at Moksh Live Bar & Restaurant, Jhamsikhel. Kunti Moktan, Shila Bahadur Moktan, Dinesh D.C. and 1974 AD’s Manoj Kumar K.C. uncovered the album jointly. The album has 9 tracks Bujha Mann ka Kura, Oilaisakyo, Mukti, Dui Guna Badhi, Kasaile, Birsideu, Prashna, Pahilo ra Antim Prem and Bagmati. During the event videos of Birsideu and Prashna were also shown to the audience. Majipa consists of Bibhor Kayastha (vocals), Sajan Shakya (guitars), Pratik Baniya (bass), Siddhant Basnet (drums) and Manzil Bikram KC (guitars and vocals). Majipa was one of the nominees at this year’s National Music Awards under ‘Best Performance by the Group’ for their song “Prashna”. Event emceed by singer Subani Moktan. After the formal event, the band performed all their songs in front of a full house audience at Moksh’s hall.

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