nipesh dhaka2Melancholy A mega series against the climate change Press Brief It’s no more of a secret that global warming and climate change is real and is affecting us in more than one way. The drought, incessant rainfall , subsequent landslides ,flash floods, loss of biodiversity , changed weather pattern, has affected agricultural practice and in turn have posed a serious threat on sustainability of life :humans or otherwise. And since Nepal, because of its Himalayas, is at the highest risk of global warming and effects are already visible in our high lands and wet lands; It’s a high time for every citizen of the Nepal to have awareness about climate change and how it’s affecting our life. For the very purpose, SEEM Nepal with its supporters and collaborators is proud to present you a mega series named “MELANCHOLY” , where the notable environmentalist Nipesh Dhaka is attempting to break “THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of MOST VOCAL SOLOS IN A SONG RECORDING” by recording the voice of 321 number of Nepalese singers in an environmental song, of which some of the most notable names are , national poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, the acclaimed MAHA Jodi, Udit Narayan Jha , Prem Dhwoj Pradhan, Robin Sharma , Anju Panta, Rajesh Payal Rai, Pashupati Sharma ,etc and the young voice of Nispal Adhikari and Rani Dhakal. Similarly , the recording will be followed by a documentary showing the impacts of Climate change that are already visible in the natural terrains of Nepal ranging from high lands of Rara national park to lowlands of Musharniya , Dhanusha district, and how it’s affecting the daily life of common people and threatening their survival. Campaign Overview: It has its two major components: 1. Recording of an environmental song titled “Melancholy” in an attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR THE MOST VOCAL SOLOS IN A SONG RECORDING. 2. PUBLIC SCREENING OF THE “MELANCHLOY” Documentary focusing on the observed impact in the highlands and lowlands of Nepal covering about 53 districts. The Melancholy 2016 –the mega series is a three phase awareness campaign. 1. Recording of the song at Radio Nepal: This Melancholy 2016 deliberates on the point of view of developing countries like Nepal where unmanaged natural resources and their impact in environmental issues are serious problem and are posing serious threat on the sustainability and survival of human race. The goal of this musical campaign is to aware people about natural resources in order to increase ecological diversity, tourism and raise cultural heritage of the Nepal. The song has been sung by 321 Nepali popular singers and musicians, which is of duration 33:49 minutes. The aim of the song is to focus the natural resources management with theme “Raise your voice for saving environments”. This song is approved in Guinness World Records (GWR) as entitled “Most Vocal Solos in a Song Recording”. Thus, we are going to make an evidence for GWR in Kathmandu on 19th May, 2016 (Jyestha 6th, 2073) will be started at 8am. 2. Public screening of the documentary Melancholy: the second phase of the campaign is the public screening of the documentary “Melancholy” directed by Nipesh DHAKA at Nepal Academy Hall, amidst the distinguished political leaders, policy makers, influential figures, artists, environmentalists, students, academicians, and general public. The documentary is the about the journey of the director’s Nipesh DHAKA among the high Himalayas and lowlands of Nepal in search of the impact of climate change and global warming on the vegetation, wetlands, rain fall, snow fall, glaciers and subsequent impact on agricultural and cultivation practice of the locals. Similarly the documentary also attempts to expose the hardships and difficulties face by such changed climatic condition and its impact on livelihood and survival of local people. The documentary takes us around 53 districts of Nepal ranging from highlands of Manang and Mugu to lowlands of Dhanusha and how different the impacts are in the livelihood of indigenous people. Similarly it also tries to shed light on the changed living practice of RAUTE community because of the adverse effects of global warming and loss of biodiversity. The main aim of documentary is to create awareness and bring the hype towards sustainable development practice, global warming, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and to facilitate discussions among concerned stakeholders. 3. Public release of the song. The third and final phase of the Melancholy Mega series is the public release of the GWR Breaking song record after certification towards the general public from the means of mass media, TVs, FMs, Radio Nepal, and by conducting a mega event in Nepal academy hall amidst the distinguished personalities, and representatives of Guinness world record. The event will be covered by the various national Television channels and FM stations live. Organized By: SEEM Nepal Campaign Managed BY: Ideas & Solutions Pvt. Ltd-A Management Consultancy Supported By: Music Composer Association of Nepal

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