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A very famous hiphop singer Girish Khatiwada recently did an original soundtrack (Pwal) of the drama “Ra..Mailo”. A rock musician Roshan Thapa aka Aadha Sur composed a soundtrack for the play “Ra..Mailo” and offered Khatiwada to work together. “Ra..Mailo” has been staged at Mandala Theater, Anamnagar from 1st of Magh till 29th of Magh.
“Pwal” is a music video that features the hiphop singer Girish Khatiwada and the entire cast of the play “Ra..Mailo” including Dayahang Rai, Buddhi Tamang, Srijana Subba, Srijana Adhikari, Pashupati Rai and Bijay Baral to name a few. It (Pwal) has been composed by Samyog Guragain and Bibek Ojha.

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“I am a story teller who tells motivational stories through my photography, songs and even through status sometimes”, says Girish Khatiwada in a recent interview with streetnepal. And when asked about Nephop he says that it got started 20 years ago and has been developed pretty well. He talked about his upcoming projects and there were many among which one is that he is releasing an album named “Version 2.0” in a couple of months. “Version 2.0” is different than any other hiphop albums. It’s got musical style, flow, lyrics and everything different”, said Khatiwada. We got to know about him writing a movie and still working on it and he will be starting in coming year. Hoping that he will let us know about his movie in coming days.
“Be a good human being. Be humble and polite”, was the message to his fans.
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