This Sunday me and my few friends traveled to Namlang, Sindhupalchok through Bhotechour, Melamchi with relief materials for earthquake victim. Beautiful Bhotechaur where national and international tourist used to visit and enjoy its natural beauty is ruined by landslide after earthquake.

Sindhupalchok earthquakeThe more we go closer to Namlang more disaster we saw. Those beautiful villages where well furnished traditional houses used to attract tourists looks desolated now. Bhotechaur looks so lonesome than one year ago, we came here to shoot music video with our team. Worn land, landslide and disaster gave me a shock many times. Every villages were destroyed and people were living under tents in open ground.

Sindhupalchok earthquake2
Tipeni Bazaar of Bhote Namlag was completely wrecked where 10 people lost their lives. Our ride got stocked at bumpy road and it couldnt carry the load we took, so we rid off it and walked a bit. While we were resting under the tree, few locals came to join us and we felt another shock of earthquake.
We clime up hill we reached to the village where all of the houses were ruined completely. Our bus arrived in a while and we reach to Bhote Namlang village. While my friends were managing relief materials, I decided to look around and take picture of ruined places.
When I reached to Sindhupalchok I found this place is extremely ruined. Villagers abandoned their livestock at jungle and move to somewhere else. Villagers are surviving with the help of relatives and neighbors who are living abroad. According to the local old age people, they have not got any relieve materials from governments side

Sindhupalchok earthquake2
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