Miss Limbu International-2016 became Sanu Limbu. Sanu took first place and left other twenty one participants behind. She received fifty thousand rupees cash with crown and scholarship worth rupees two lakhs. Fourth Miss Limbu International-2016 was organized by Yakthung Youth Associations. Likewise Swopnila Yakpangden and Junu Pomo became first and second runners up respectively.

They received twenty thousand rupees and fifteen thousand rupees cash, crown and other gift hampers. First runners up Swopnila won photogenic title as well. Miss Aashika Aangbuhang won ‘Miss Yuma Cultural’ and Miss Popular awards. Aashika was praised by cash rupees fifty thousand rupees for the title ‘Miss Yuma Cultural’. Judges for Miss Limbu International were former Miss Nepal Subin Limbu, artist and Limbu linguistic Yaseli Yonghang, social worker Arjun Nubo, Model Dikpal Karki, Marishka Pokhrel. All the contestants were trained by famous choreographer Jayan Subba Manandhar and they wore Limbu traditional attire Mekhli during competition prepared by Tehrathum Dhaka collection’s fashion designer Niru Aangbuhang.

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