Shooting for “Sanu” is done

Singer Sachin Rai’s Sanu music video has been shot. Sachin has started his musical career from the show “Khoji pratibhako”. He took 3rd place in “Khoji  pratibhako”. He is all set to bring his first music album “Sanu”. Comedy artist/Director Ganesh Ishara has directed his first music video. While Photo Journalist Nabin Gurung has done the camera work. In lyrics of Mohan Timilsina musician Tara Limbu has given the music for Sanu. In this video former Dibya Chemjong and Kimsam Rai has acted. According to director Ishara this video is made with simple concept and effective love story.Sanu-shooting322 Sanu Shooting4 Sanu Shooting3 Sanu Shooting2 Sanu Shooting sreya

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