Sikkim star Mandira Chhetri


Mandira Chhetri has already made her special space for herself in this competitive world. Gantok born 28 year old rising star can direct, produce, take video and does editing on her own. She is the founder of Production Company named ‘Maark Pictures’.


Mandira has already produced 17 music videos, ads, documentary till today. She enrolled for Masters in Business Administration  in Banglore,  later she realized that media was her passion and a place where she can earn name and fame. After that she underwent certification course at reputed film technology institute. And after that she is continuously involving in it. ‘ka bata kalam…’ is one of her hit number among other….

mandira 1

Mandira is inventor of ‘Genesis of pink’ . Documentary that she made about a rural school girl how they excelled in Basketball game by rigorously getting trained by their Principal-cum-Coach even in the remotest place of West Sikkim. Which documentary is gaining a glorious response across the world. Though she is Sikkim based Mandira has done a lot to save and promote Nepali music and culture. 

We wish all the very best for her bright future.