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A very young talented singer Shital Moktan is one of the famous lady singers of Nepal. She succeeded to win audience and viewer’s heart in very short period of time. Shital is daughter of finest musician/singer couple Kunti Moktan and Shila Bahadur Moktan.

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Though she was born and raised in fully musical family she has joined in government service. MBA degree holder Shital is working in a Staff Collage where Civil Personnel are trained. Shital started to sing from her childhood. She brought “Pahilo Maya” music album with her sister many years back. Her sister Suwani is also a very good singer. Audience’s loved Shital and Suwani’s singing and they started to work together like their their parents in music.

Shital and Suwani brought another music album “Juni Juniko Lagi” together few year after their first album. But this time Shital is preparing to bring her solo music album. In Shital’s latest album we could hear her own lyrics and compose. According to Shital one of her latest’s albums song will be dedicated to late Alok Nembang.

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Shital used to take Alok as an inspirational person. Alok have gave her a chance work as anchor in Image TV Channel. Shital learnt direction with Alok and have already directed few music videos too. Shital’s family is really idyllic and everyone is involve in music so they chitchat about music in their leisure time. While chit chatting they comment on each other and Shital belief it will helps them to know their weak points.

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