Sonam Lhochhar celebrated


Lhochhar (New Year) is the main festival of the Tamang Community, celebrated on the month of Magh. On this particular day, people gather at Tundikhel, Kathmandu. Tamang people celebrated their new year with great fun in their traditional attire today at Tundikhel. Below, we have some glimpse of the Tamangs during Lhochhar celebration.Sonam losar Sonam losar00 Sonam losar1 Sonam losar2 Sonam losar3 Sonam losar4 Sonam losar5 Sonam losar6 Sonam losar7 Sonam losar8 Sonam losar9 Sonam losar11 Sonam losar12 Sonam losar13 Sonam losar21 Sonam losar32 Sonam losar43