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Singer Amrit Chhetri and Surshala Music Academy family is doing a campaign called “SURSHALA MUSIC THERAPY” for the children who are affected by earthquake. They are doing musical programs for children to make them happy and divert their mind from earthquake’s fear. They are singning famous energetic, entertaining and national songs for children. They are also teaching children to sing and dance to lower their fear from earthquake. Famous and National artists like Ram Krishna Dhakal, Hemanta Sharma, Pramod Kharel, Amrit Chhetri, Komal Oli, Aastha Raut etc. will join “SURSHALA MUSIC THERAPY”. Surshala Music Academy is teaching music, dance for more than fifteen nations people of all age group. They have named this program as SURSHALA MUSIC THERAPY”. This musical journey will start the campaign from Jhamsikhel Lalitpur and they will be performing around Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. They have already performed at 15 places for more than twenty five hundred earthquake victim children. Singer and founder of Surshala Music academy Amrit Chhetri is managing the campaign along with wife Sangita Chhetri. Talented students like Prisha, Bibhussha, Bhrikuti, Anamol, Aaryan, Biraj, Ramita, Samrat, Sambriddhi from the same academy will also be seen performing.

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Video ( Yi aakhama timi chau)

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