Stylish performer Bharat Sitaula

In music field Bharat Sitaula is well recognized name. He started his musical career in 2060 B.S. with album ‘Mod’. After getting huge success in his first album he is continuously involving in music. Bharat is very fine media person too. He runs a program related to music in Himalayan Television. His Achanak maya launa […]

“Kun Phool Hola” by Bharat Sitaula

“Kun Phool Hola” is a song by Nepali pop singer Bharat Sitaula written by Dr. Badri Pokharel. Musically, the song is a pop which contains lyrics of love and tendency to focus on positive thoughts. The music video for the song is directed by Jeevan Thapa and shot by Multi Matte. Since it’s release, “Kun […]