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Vaitarani Cafe is a play written and directed by famous actor Dayahang Rai. Amort animals gathered at one place to become human in another life and there starts a main story of Vaitarani Cafe. Every animal has different nature like their appearance. It is quite difficult to work together when each and everyone has different nature and efficiency. They all manage to work together in one point when they have no other choice to get success. Actors have acted in role of various animals. Balmiki Pokhrel as lion, , Sirjana Subba as honey bee queen , Bijaya Karki as hornet, Bijay Baral as owl, Umesh Tamang as tiger, Mohammad Najir Hussain as ant, Bikas Joshi as turtle, Arjesh Regmi as monkey, Samyog Guragai as jackle, Riyer Rai as cat, Anup Neupane as bear, Milan Karki as pig, Rohit Poudel as rabit, Ankit Khadka as vulture, Mohan Raj Adhikari/Sagar Khati/ Sunil Magar as drone , Sharada Adhikari, Shakti Rai, Binita Gurung, Ranjana oli, Kenipa Shinha, Kushal Pandey, Diljung Gurung, Sandip Shrestha and Suraj Shrestha as worker honey bee. Vaitarani Cafe will be on stage of Mandala Theater everyday at 05:15 Baitarni cafe14pm from 6th of Saun to 8th of Bhadau except Mondays.


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