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The cultural event of the Limbus recently proved to be an unforgettable occasion for the Limbu society. Limbu cultural event called Weshma Laangyok (farak paaila) which means different steps held at Rastriya Nachghar, Jamal. Most of the audiences and famous Limbu artists from 70 different community were seen in a traditional Limbu attire.

The event saw Limbus  showcasing their culture and tradition at Rastriya Nachghar on January 18 (Magh 4). Various artists came up with a fine performances.

The second edition of the event was co-organized by Yakthung Hakpare Palam Sayang and Rastriya Nachghar. Senior litterature of Nepal, Bairagi Kainla was  the chief guest of the programme where B.B Muringla, one of the eminent writers in Limbu literature from Sikkim was honoured for his contribution to Limbu language and literature.

The evening saw entertaining performances from various artists including Sanjay Tumrok, Shreyashi Chemjong, Junrani Chemjong, Prakriti Thalang, Bhimprasad Tumbahamphe, Santosh Limbu, Keshar Ninglekhu, Bhim Thebe among others.

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