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WATCH: "HAMRO MAYA JINDABAAD" FT. TIKTOK FAME PRISMA & PRINCY The micro-vlogging platform TikTok has led to a massive resurgence of short, user-generated videos that people have craving ever since the fall of Vine. The app has amassed hundreds of millions of followers-many of them who seem to be teens-around the globe who are there to watch brief, punchy clips of their favourite influencers taking on a viral challenge or to show off their dance moves.

Twin sisters Prisma and Princy Khatiwada are also one among those. The duo’s rise to fame began on musically where they created lip synched video and synchronized dancing clips. They have become so popular that they are now featured in a new Nepali song titled “Hamro Maya Zindabaad”. Beside Prisma and Princy Khatiwada “Hamro Maya Zindabaad” also features another TikTok fame twin sisters Deepa & Damanta Shrestha and twins brothers Sarad & Basanta Thapa as guests appearance. Interestingly, the song also features Shishir dancing to the beats  along with the twin sisters Prisma and Princy Khatiwada.

The song was shared on March 15, 2019 and is still trending on YouTube at 3. “Hamro Maya Zindabaad” by Shishir Bhandari has lived up to the hype and garnered over 600k views (and counting).WATCH: "HAMRO MAYA JINDABAAD" FT. TIKTOK FAME PRISMA & PRINCY The song has been sung by Shishir Bhandari and Bindu Pariyar. Choreographed and directed by Surendra Basel, music for the song has been composed by Dipak Silwal.WATCH: "HAMRO MAYA JINDABAAD" FT. TIKTOK FAME PRISMA & PRINCY

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