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Master of Ceremonies (MC) Naresh Bhattarai


Naresh Bhattarai is one of the most popular and influential Master of Ceremonies (MC) in Nepali Media Industry. He has a very lively, amiable and smart hosting style. He has an experience of hosting many large-scale commercial activities. Over time, he has become more popular and hosts television programs, radio programs, news release conferences, vocal concerts, and evening parties to say the least. He has been awarded with award “Voice of Nepal” and box office award “MC of the year” in the year 2070. Not only does he host but also produces music videos, sings, write songs, plays part in movies and music videos too. He truly is an extraordinary talent.

Naresh Vattarai Naresh Vattarai 4 Naresh Vattarai 3 Naresh Vattarai 2 Naresh Vattarai 1

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  1. jitendra majhi says

    congratulation naresh dae………..

    and wish you all the best for future.

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