A play by Sandip Shrestha called Chiso Bhanjyang is currently staging at Mandala Natakghar in Anamnagar. In play villagers from far eastern Nepal preparing for a Mela ‘Dhan Nach’. A romance is blooming between an occupant’s daughter Muna and his servant Alok. In pure act of childishness, Muna’s little sister, Garima accuses Alok of crime he did not commit. The play revolves around these three characters and their journey of love, revenge and regret against the backdrop of Insurgency. Artists Anup Neupane, Pooja Lama, Sabina Gopali, Dipika dhakal, Roshan Subedi, Barat Limbu, Sanjib Rai, Bikas Panta, Sita Rana Magar, Sagun Pokhrel, Uday Limbu, Bibek Rasailee, Anuja Adhikari, Samapika Gautam Pratik Dulal are working at Chiso Bhanjyang. This drama will be on the stage of Mandala till 30th of Poush everyday at 4:45pm beside on Mondays. There will be extras show at 1pm on Saturdays.

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