Ghatu is one of the famous mythical dance forms of the Gurung community. King Pashramu died at war and Queen Yamfawati also died following SATI tradition. In Ghatu, King Pashramu and Queen Yamfawati’s story is told. There are several parts of dance and those parts are called DANDI in Nepali. The drama DEURALI DANDI name is taken from those DANDI of Ghatu dance. This drama tells a story of the village which used to perform Ghatu Dance and the culture of going overseas. This drama is being staged at Studio Theater at Pingalasthan in coordination with One World Theater. Diya Maskey, Pashupati Rai, Menuka Pradhan, Binita Thapa Magar, Ranjana Bhattarai and Saraswati Chaudhari have worked in the drama. Rose Schwitz has done research on Ghatu dance at Nalma Village in Lamjung and this drama is created on the basis of her research and study.