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Lots of youngsters traveled to Kathmandu with different aims but only few can reach their goals. It is quite hard to struggle and survive at Kathmandu. In mass of those who come to Kathmandu to search their dreams one of them is Kamal Ekchai Magar. He came to Kathmandu at his early childhood from Ramechhap. He is quite close to his goal and getting success in it. Kamal Kathmandu to with the aim to become singer later he didn’t like his own voice and he started to work in musical periphery as music video editor. Kamal is rising as a qualified director. Twenty Four year old Kamal has already edited and directed hundreds of music videos, documentary, short films etc. Kamal has opened music company called “Performing Art Creation”. Kamal is preparing to direct Nepalese feature film in near future. Script of his film is done but he hasn’t given name for his film yet. Kamal is all set to start his film’s shooting but he believe in slow and quality work. Here streetnepal wish him all the very best for his upcoming future.

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Kamal Ekchai Magar3