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#1 TRENDING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE-PRAKASH SAPUT'S "BOLA MAYA"“Bola Maya” is a Nepali folk song inspired by the “Gaine geet or Gandharva geet”. The song shows the sad story of Nepali people who have been compelled to leave their motherland for the purpose of employment and livelihood. It entails the story of a family who lost their son, who had compelled to go abroad for foreign employment. And also depicts the mental state of a woman who has lost her husband.

You must have watched “Bola Maya” in the voice of Narayan Rayamajhi, Prakash Saput and Shant Shree Pariyar. The song was shared on May 17, 2018 and is still trending on YouTube at 1. Composed and penned by Prakash Saput, “Bola Maya” has lived up to the hype and garnered over 700k views (and counting).

SInce the time it came out on YouTube, the internet is talking all about it and is still a rage. The video features Prakash Saput, Anjali Adhikari, Devendra Bablu, Sitare Gandharva, Diplove BK and Khusi Thapa.

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