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Haritalika Teej is one of the great festival celebrated among Hindu women. On teej women expresses their feeling through songs. Woman takes strong fasting for one whole day and offer prayers to lord Shiva. Teej is celebrated for three days. Women are attired in red dress with make up and ornaments. In the first day eat dar at the midnight with other family members. On second day, women visits the Shiva temple, offer prayers and does singing and dancing for whole day.

The third and last day of teej is Rishi Panchami. Women take bathe early in the morning. They hold sacred Datiwan’s small branch on their mouth during bathe time. However, these days there has been some changes. Women do celebrate teej but as a platform to present themselves as the most beautiful. People are seen gathered in one place enjoying and wearing expensive designer sarees, heavy ornaments and makeup over the top. Teej has become fashionable with the increasing time.

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